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Summertime is music!

Summertime is time for festivals and great music! Sigrid Moldestad is one of the musicans you can meet at many festivals and venues this Month.

Jorun Marie Kvernberg and Åshild Vetrhus are teaching two summerschools in July, both “Mokurset” and “Strunkeveko” and playing a concert at Mokurset with Tindra.

Concerts July 2012:
12. July Sigrid Moldestad, Norsk Countryreff, Breim
12. July Tindra, Mokurset, Sunnfjord museum
14. July Sigrid Moldestad, Brimi Sæter
19. July Sigrid Moldestad, Kolbeinstveit, Ryfylkemuseet
20. July Sigrid Moldestad, Telemarkfestivalen, Bø

25. July Sigrid Moldestad is guestmusican with Christiansand String Swing Ensemble, presenting the Commissiond work “Etterskjelv” at Canal Street, Arendal

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